Almost Cool is an LA-based sketch and film group created in 2013 by two roommates, Almog Avidan Antonir and Tom Assam-Miller, who were later joined by their two pals, Chase Cargill and Heston Horwin.  Almost Cool started out as a YouTube channel featuring two viral web-series, “Long Story Short” and “Wiener vs. Brain.” The channel now has over 7 million views and nearly 150K subscribers. “Long Story Short: I Had a Movie Date” sits as one of Reddit’s Top All Time Videos. Almost Cool’s series have been featured on FunnyOrDie, 9gag, Literally Darling, and Buzzfeed.

Starting from scratch with the guys at Almost Cool, I helped them create a cohesive identity as a part of Perelandra Design Co. By the end of the project, I designed a website, pitch decks, end credits and animated their logo.


It isn’t often that I get pumped about a Squarespace website, but we think the one I put together for Almost Cool is an exception.